Monthly Archives: May 2009

Squeezing a quart of apps into a pint-pot server

Quick tip for anyone like me who’s foolish enough to cram Exim4, Spamassasin, Apache with WordPress running on it, and a pile of other stuff on to a server with 256MB of RAM: Install one of the WordPress caching plugins. Otherwise, your server is liable to start swapping frantically if you get a dozen or so hits on one of the WordPress-powered sites.

Indeed, it was possible to nuke jasper just by mashing the F5 key whilst sitting on the front page of this site.

The beginning of the end of an era

As I write, the sun is up, the bells are ringing, and Oxford is dragging itself out of bed for another day. It’s slightly sobering to think that I’ve just listened to the college choir for my last May morning as an undergraduate…hopefully not my last time from inside college, though – time to start making friends with lower year groups.

I’m going to miss Magdalen. But meanwhile, eight weeks still to enjoy!