Monthly Archives: January 2010

2010 will be a bad year for IPv4

2010 will be a bad year for IPv4 – this is exactly why I designated native IPv6 support as fundamental, not merely a “nice-to-have”, when setting up Splice last July. Hats of to Bytemark for supplying IPv6 with their hosting. I’m sure the fact that it’s excluded from their SLA is something that won’t be the case in eighteen months’ time, and meanwhile, I and the rest of the crew are using it quite happily.

Footnote: those of you reaching for the comments button to sarcastically remark that this website appears to not be available over IPv6 will be pleased to hear that I intend to fix this in the immediate future.

Manipulating Maildirs with Python

My e-mail still isn’t as shiny as I’d like. In particular, my use of Exim Filters to sort incoming mail into folders lacks the ability to mark messages as read (although it’s still miles ahead of the dreaded Procmail). This would be handy for high-traffic mailing lists which I don’t have time to read on a daily basis, but which I find it hard to ignore the “unread” icon next to the folders for.

One day, I should probably move to using the Dovecot LDA and its sieve implementation, which supports the “imap4flags” extension, thus allowing marking messages as read, making them turn purple in Thunderbird, and all sorts of other cool stuff. Sadly, life (or this afternoon) is too short.

In the meantime, I’ve solved the problem in the usual way I deal with life’s imperfections: gratuitious Python run from a crojob every five minutes.

(Disclaimer: letting scratty little bits of Python anywhere near something as important as your e-mail is probably a Very Bad Idea.)