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The Next Unit Of Computing

We’re having a new door access system installed at the church (more blog posts on that once I’ve taken it apart).

Hisense HS661C60WUK_WH Dishwasher

The previous owners of my new place were clearly old-school, because their kitchen re-fit included a single space for an appliance with water/waste and elect...

The crEdge of Glory

On 15 June this year, Microsoft will be dropping support for IE11 on most versions of Windows that most people have access to.

Default outbound deny

Like quite a few of the world’s IT/development staff, Friday 10 December 2021 didn’t go as planned for me. That’s because, late on the previous evening, the ...

Keyed alike

Did you know you can have all the locks on your house on the same key?

1969 called: it wants its phone line back

Long term readers will remember previous rants about the length of time it takes to get a phone line (and thus internet) installed after moving to a new addr...