So, as those not reading via one of the planets will be aware, I've rolled out the fourth (or is it fifth?) new theme for this site since May 2007. I'm definitely more pleased with this one than any of its predecessors, and intend to stick with it for a good while.

In other news, I blew £160 on new technology for my desk this week: specifically, a new 4GB USB pendrive to replace my ailing 256mb one, a 250GB external hard disk for my backups, and best of all, a 19 inch TFT monitor to act as a second screen for my laptop.

All of the above were very reasonably priced over at Dabs, and the £100 inc delivery cost of the monitor in particular came as a very pleasant surprise.

This is the first time I've given multiple monitors a serious go under Linux (specifically Kubuntu), and KDE certainly puts Windows (at least up to and including XP) into the shade here: a taskbar on each monitor? Yes, it can do that. Separate background images per monitor (without silly hacks involving stitching image files together)? Yes. Only show the buttons for the windows on this monitor on this monitor's taskbar? Certainly, sir.

It's only been two days, but I'm already wondering how I ever managed without a secondary screen. It certainly made finishing the new theme for this site a lot easier.