Earlier this year, I hacked together a stateless RSS reader called Bogroll.

It's been doing sterling service for me at news.dnorth.net ever since. Today, I've sorted out a 0.2 release with the following improvements:

  • Now caches etags/Last-Modified headers to avoid fetching a feed if it hasn't changed since last time (thank you, Mark Pilgrim, for chapter 14 of Dive Into Python 3, which reminded me to be a good citizen in this regard). I was pleased to discover that the Universal Feed Parser it's built on top of already supports gzip and deflate compression to save bandwidth.
  • Now supports just one category per feed, because having articles appear in several categories just seems wrong to me
  • Each category now really does contain the most recent X articles from the relevant feeds, because I've fixed the severely broken sort-by-date logic

A fair bit of refactoring has gone on under the hood, and the code now looks a bit more like an app and less like a ten-minute bodge. The next round will involve getting some proper unit tests in place, and possibly AJAX magic to load the articles lazily on the page.

You can download the 0.2 zip, or get the latest version from subversion if you like to live dangerously. The cool kids all seem to be using Git or Mercurial these days, but I haven't found the need (or overcome the inertia) yet.

Enjoy. Feedback welcome to the usual address.