It's amazing how many fewer afternoons I seem to spend hacking around on my servers these days. Perhaps I got a life; I certainly got a full-time job. I have however sorted a few long-standing bits and pieces out today... is now available over IPv6

As are its various satelite sites and Sorry, no, there is no bouncing logo to reward those of you viewing them via such.

A backup system that doesn't Totally Suckâ„¢

I've finally retired my creaking "run a shell script to rsync them onto my laptop when I remember (i.e. every six months)" manaul backup system in favour of an encrypted LVM partition on my home server, and rdiff-backup to make nice incremental backups of everything on a nightly basis. The instructions on how to do it are all out there on the interweb, and it's not too difficult, fortunately. I'm a bit disappointed that backupninja doesn't support remote rdiff-backup, but I guess I should submit a patch if it bothers me that much...meanwhile, my wrapper script seems to work just fine.