Browsing through the URC North Western Synod's website today, I see they now run it on Wordpress. And this is a bit of a relief for me - the site's previous incarnation was a bunch of hand-crafted PHP written by 16-year-old me, and I'd been having sleepless nights wondering if that code was still in use, and how much pain it had caused. (Not that Wordpress is perfect, but if it's good enough for this blog...)

Not all of my early attempts at computer programming have gone the way of all flesh, though - the Python script I wrote to parse the dinner menus for Magdalen JCR (and the subject of my very first blog post) is apparently still in production and telling people when to expect Chicken Kiev as recently as last week. The time it's saved various JCR computer reps has presumably now exceeded the two days I spent writing it in the first place. And though I know the code is pretty horrible by my current standards, it does that which got me into computer programming in the first place - makes real people's lives easier.