India diary, day 4

In June/July 2010 I spent ten days travelling in Rajasthan, India with friends; this is my diary of the trip (full list of entries here).

Today we left Jaipur to start on the second leg of our trip; unfortunately all of us are feeling a bit off, but that's possibly unsurprising after all the rich food we've eaten over the last 48 hours coupled with the intense heat. Anyway, we're OK to travel, and our car and driver to Jodhpur await!

A somewhat dull day in the car, trying not to let the sun dazzle us and stay out of the heat. Quick stop at the services, and into Jodhpur by 4pm. Much faffing before we found a hotel that wasn't full - apparently some sort of conference is in town, and the guest-house we had in mind took one look at us and said 'no foreigners'.

I considered asking K to ask the bloke 'what makes you think my friends are foreign?' but decided on balance we wouldn't get away with that...

Finally secured a couple of nights in a decent-ish hotel for not too much; our driver is apparently perfectly happy to sleep in the car. A different world...

Dinner in the hotel and an early night under the best air conditioning we've had on the trip so far; turned firmly up to maximum and with 'turbo mode' on. Can't help but reflect that having it on is pumping out CO2 which is likely to make the heat worse in the long term; but when the heat outside is bad enough to kill you if you're used to colder climes, it's not the time to entertain such thoughts.