• It's been a very busy year
  • Still working for CFL and enjoying it very much
  • Now living in a much nicer house (not damp! luxury!)
  • Still helping balance the books for St Columba's

Oh, and let's check on the outcome of that 2011 geek wishlist...

  • That Debian Squeeze will release in Q1 2011

Granted, and all my machines have been upgraded.

  • That I’ll discover a J2EE Servlet Container which isn’t totally horrible

Tomcat 7 is a considerable improvement over its predecessors.

  • That some kind of reconciliation between the JCP and Apache will occur


  • That Java 7 won’t be delayed forever

Partial victory: it's arrived, but most of the interesting new features will only be in Java 8.

  • That Python 3 will get adopted faster than PHP 5 or Java 1.5 did

Probably still to early to say.

  • That we’ll finally see some major UK ISPs offering IPv6

Not a sausage, as far as I'm aware.

Merry Christmas all.