Following on from my earlier post about co-locating a Raspberry Pi at EDIS, I can now report that my Pi is up and running in Austria.

On the downside, it took a full month from posting it to having it plugged in (but, then, I didn't pay for the service, so I can't really complain).

On the upside, it came up correctly with both IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity. The link seems to be solid and stable for both - slightly longer pings over v6 to the same physical location, but nothing to worry about.

Conspiracy theorists posited that EDIS were going to sell all the Pis on Ebay and virtualize them onto an old Pentium 4. If they've done that, it's a very slick job - the processor serial number of what I can SSH into matches that of the Pi I shipped.

I plan to install Nagios on it - watch this space.