Every website should use HTTPS these days - EOC. There is no longer any financial reason not to.

Even if your site is using cheap and cheerful hosting which gives you horrible flashbacks to your first ventures onto the internet in 1999, simply flip the DNS over to CloudFlare and discover that they've got it all so well figured out that you can be up and running with HTTPS (on the free tier!) with ten minutes of setup plus 24 hours' wait for the DNS to change

Of course, this does give you the chance to participate in their global outages, but let's be fair - one of the recent two was not their fault, and they have been open about fixing the causes of the other.

I was really impressed overall, and I feel a lot happier about the walking club's £20 per year cPanel hosting now it has the CloudFlare CDN standing between it and the nastiness of the public internet.

Result! Church website to follow shortly...