If you've just returned from six months living in a cave, it turns out there's some sort of pandemic going on out there. The world has ground to a halt and our rain-lashed, Brexit-addled little island is heading back into a lockdown from Thursday.

Remember that invoicing system I wrote for the church? Well, all hiring of the place obviously halted with the first UK lockdown. And no sooner had I written a 16 page risk assessment about re-opening than lockdown 2 was announced!

The good news, though, is that we've kept in touch with our regular customers ... mostly because I've been apologising to them for incorrectly issued bills on a monthly basis.

I thought I'd finally fixed the problem last month by removing all future bookings from the Google Calendar. Unfortunately, despite having deleted all the incorrectly issued invoices from September, I didn't remove their bookings from the calendar.

And guess what? My code for billing a customer up to today looks for all bookings since the last one on the last invoice we issued! Logical, easy to write, makes sure nothing falls down the gaps.

This time, I think I've settled its hash by moving all the "wrong" invoices onto the zero tariff rather than deleting them behind my system's back. The customers are getting notably cross, so hopefully that's sorted it for 1 December.