After more than a decade renting a dedicated server from Bytemark, my friends and I have decided to move on.

Why? Well, Bytemark’s new (since 2018) owners have made it clear they want to move in an infrastructure-as-a-service direction, and decdicated servers are no longer something they sell. They’ve given no indication of wanting to withdraw the service from existing customers, but much like helping relatives move their “landlines” to VoIP before BT forces the issue in 2025, I’d rather migrate in my own time than be given a month’s notice.

Oh, and there are other UK companies selling dedicated servers for significantly less money than the grandfathered-in pricing we’re on which hasn’t changed since 2009.

We’ve recently ordered a new server from Mythic Beasts. There were a handful of teething issues with the provisioning, but all is now well and we’re cracking on with the migration.

Much has changed in 12 years, but between us we still do enough random stuff that having a server makes sense.

More blog posts to come as we get it all done. For now, I’d gladly recommend Mythic for this sort of thing, if you fancy some SME-style personal service and an independent UK company rather than one of the giants.