Week 5

It’s been the hottest week of the year, and I’m feeling decidedly grotty what with that and my second Pfizer jab.

Meanwhile, has anything happened? Well, my selling agent sent a rather rude e-mail to my solicitor asking “are you holding the process up?”. Tact aside, there were a couple of queries which had been in limbo for a few days, and so I was treated to the surprising spectacle of my solicitor demonstrating that they can reply quickly to e-mail after all!

I’m absolutely certain all of these questions were already answered by me in the leasehold information form, but the buyer’s solicitor obviously wants to pad their fees by making extra sure I say “yes” twice in a row.

Still no news on whether the buyer has been busted for international money laundering or got their mortgage offer, but I’ll be chasing up my friendly agent tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile I’ve received my written Homebuyer’s Report. There are some gems such as commenting on the state of the “Hating” (something to call Taylor Swift in to consult on, perhaps). But generally it’s as per the earlier verbal.

Exchange by the end of the month? Not holding my breath at this point, but I will be spending part of my holiday next week shoving hard. Meanwhile I’ve started cashing in my savings to try and head off any bank incompetence causing further blockage.

On a totally unrelated note, be sure to buy PC Pro magazine next month as they’re scraping the barrel by running my guest article.