Delicious left over roast potatoes

It came as somewhat of a surprise when I did the maths on how long ago I last attempted a Sunday roast. But given that I apparently don’t own a roasting pan, it can only have been in my last flatshare, which makes it almost a decade ago(!).

Anyway, it went pretty well, and as much for my own future reference as anything, here are some notes on it…

  • Roast potatoes can safely be peeled the night before, keep them in water in the fridge (but don’t cut them into chunks until the day)
  • Large supermarkets in the UK sell roasting tins, even at 8pm on a Saturday
  • Honey-glazing carrots and parsnips appears to work
  • I still love my induction hob
  • Don’t forget the gravy

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some left over roast potatoes to eat. Having this much veg in my fridge makes me feel almost like a functioning adult, and I’m not sure I like it.

Stay safe.