Let’s be honest. I stopped buying my FTTC broadband from A&A some time ago - in a cost of living crisis, I couldn’t justify paying nearly £20 a month more than the best deal out there for a service which, for my use, was hard to tell apart from the cheap and cheerful competition.

No, I’m not saying price is the only thing that matters, but in my case the same line gives a pretty comparable service from Sky (including the IPv6) and the premium isn’t worth it.

However, I remain a cheerleader for both Sip2SIM and the VoIP services it links to. For “business” (charity/church) mobile, where the users are usually at home or at an office (and not roaming or travelling), Sip2SIM works out very favourably financially compared to business grade mobile services elsewhere, and the features are hard to beat.

I particularly love the separation between numbers and SIMs - for example, if a member of staff goes on leave, you can divert “their” number to someone else (or a rota of somone elses) without having physical access to their handset, all done on a web page. Or if someone leaves under less than cordial circumstances, you don’t need the phone back to keep the number.

I have half a dozen accounts for different organzations on my “reseller” page at A&A - and no, they don’t pay me anything to send business their way. Perhaps they should!

My own “landline” number has been on that list for years, and simply diverts to my mobile. I haven’t quite managed to make the numbers work for my own mobile yet - the data pricing remains the weak spot which doesn’t matter at all for my office workers, but would be a financial squeeze for my own use. I’ve pondered having calls on Sip2SIM and a second SIM or eSIM for data, but it just doesn’t stack up against Lebara for a light user. Maybe one day, as I would love to have automatic call recording on my mobile.