This is a simple idea which was pointed out to me by a friend, but I’d completely missed it. Which is unfortunate given that twice in the past week, I’ve been doing my best to get work done from a Travelodge / Premier Inn / my car on a laptop and wishing I had more screen real estate.

I’d heard vague rumours that decent tablets can be pressed into life as a second screen, but wouldn’t it be even more convenient if there was just a tablet without the tablet part that connected directly over USB-C and came with a cute little stand?

It would. It is:

Arzopa mini monitor

I haven’t taken it anywhere other than my lounge yet, but it’s perfectly serviceable in terms of picture quality, and even produces better sound than many a laptop I’ve known. It’s also pretty light, so it will definitely be coming along with me on the next trip I make. Heck, even on the train or at an airport I can imagine it being useful.

Well worth a punt for less than £100, and if you travel regularly for work, you should get your employer to spring for it.

I personally don’t do that much business travel (as opposed to working “from home” at awkward locations) so I did spend my own money on the thing.