For those in the know, RGBW LED strip has red, green, and blue LEDs in addition to white, which means that with the right controller, you can do all sorts of funky effects. I think it looks nice hidden behind the books on a deep set of shelves, like these:

My bookcase

This particular RGBW LED strip came with a cheap and cheerful controller including an infra-red remote for switching it on and off and toggling around the spectrum of patterns and light shifts.

However, after a year of having the remote on my coffee table, I came to the conclusion that faffing around with it by hand was a bit 1990s.

Shelly make some useful home automation items, and among the bunch is a DC powered relay designed for use with RGBW strip. Some faffing with ferules was needed to get it all connected up, then I was able to junk the remote and switch to voice control with Alexa.

The only criticism I have is that the available set of patterns/effects is a bit measly. Then again, how many of those buttons on the remote did I ever use? Oh, right, two of them.

Shelly RGBW pattern set