In an action most unlike me, I followed the recommendation of an influencer raving about how shaving was a total pleasure, and splashed out on one of these:

Henson razor

Since my teens, I’ve moved between electric razors which go blunt or fall to bits, and good old fashioned cheap safety razors. And neither is particularly nice.

So, is this Henson job revolutionary? Well, being able to put on fresh blades once a week is probably key to it being better than the cheap safety razors. I wouldn’t roll out the superlatives, but it is pretty good and easy to take apart and clean when you’re done with it.

And it is nicely made and ought to last forever. Except, of course, that I’ll end up leaving it in a hotel room half way across the world. Until then, though, it is nice enough to use to banish the cheap safety razors and relegate the electric to back-up.