Remember that USB-C dock I sprung for at the end of 2020?

Well, it’s still providing good service at home. I was disappointed that we rolled out six of them in the meeting rooms at work and they didn’t seem to last more than 18 months under heavy disconnect/reconnect cycles in that setting.

However, nearly four years later, prices as usual are heading south for this particular type of electronics, and UGreen - a budget brand, perhaps, but OK in my experience - are selling one with twin HDMI ports for less than half of what I paid for the TwelveSouth.

Sadly it does have a hard-wired short cable, but an extender sorts that out, and at last it’s just one USB-C to disconnect/reconnect. Let’s hope it lasts at least four years.

Now all I need to do is wall-mount the monitors and I’ll have a really clean finish.